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Mixing and Mastering Services

  • Simple Mix (Stereo Beat + Vocals) - starts at $100 (includes mastering)
  • Complex Mix (Separate Instrument Tracks + Vocals) - starts at $200 (includes mastering)

Additional Services:

  • Making 30 second MP3 previews ($5/recording, $50 for collection up to 20 recordings)
  • Mastering/remastering - $20/mix
  • Revisions (after first free round of minor adjustments) - $50/hr
  • High Priority/Expedited Turnaround (72 hours) - $50 extra
  • Mix out a stem/instrumental version/alt. mix - $20/mix
  • Session Files - starting at $100
  • Censoring - $40/mix

Typical turnaround time for other studio services can be 1-2 weeks.

Read More / Studio Policies & Procedures
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  • Mon-Thurs from 11am-7pm for $100 (studio only)
  • Mon-Thurs from 11am-7pm for $250 (engineer included)
  • Mon-Thurs from 11am-7pm for $350 (engineer included + training)

During Store Business Hours (11am-7pm)
  • Studio Time: Starting at $20/hr
  • Engineer Time: Starting at $20/hr

Early Bird (8am-11am) and Night Owl (7pm-10pm)
  • Studio Time: Starting at $25/hr
  • Engineer Time: Starting at $25/hr

All-nighter (10pm-8am):
  • Studio Time: Starting at $30/hr
  • Engineer Time: Starting at $30/hr

Encoding Services: Starts at $15 per recording

  • ISRC Embedding
  • ID3 Tags
  • WAV Tags (+$5)
  • Find Key and Tempo (+$5)
  • ReplayGain & Peak Calculation (+$5)
  • Summary/Statistics Report (+$10)
  • Radio Station Encoding (+$20)

Click for more deals and special offers - Artist Services (PDF)

Exclusive Beats starting at $100 (Ask for list)

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About Ascendents Studios

Ascendents recording studios push sonic boundaries and turn ideas/potential into real productions that are better than the imagination. Our goal is to facilitate music's creation and capture original, special, and memorable moments of each person involved. Here the musicians matter!

We are the realest high-quality studio production service with the industry knowledge and special skills to be the difference between recording some tracks and delivering a timeless experience -- Make it happen!

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The Ascendents' debut album, Sex, Drugs, and Rock N Roll (2020)'s recording engineering, mixing, and mastering was by Ascendents Studios.

Ascendents Studios is located at:

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Ascendents Records
6819 SE 82nd Ave, Studio B
Portland, OR 97266

Music store hours:
Everyday 11am-7pm

Phone: 503-265-8042

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